restaurant 'aji'

Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Status: Realised november 2017

Assignment: Interior Design

Sqr meters: 120,0 m²

Restaurant Ají of Head Chef Pelle Swinkels services high-end dishes inspired by the Peruvian cuisine. The central theme of the interior design is the Amazone rainforest. The space is divided by an enormous steel geomatic tree-like structure which is decorated with plants. By dividing the space two very intimate spaces are created. The front is more focused upon the street and the terrace. while the back is more focussed upon the open kitchen behind the bar .To enhance the natural atmosphere mainly raw materials are used. The left wall is covered with a  large printed painting on the wall made by Bier&Brood. This painting contains several ingredients on the menu and can easily be changed when the menu changes and to create an entirely new look in the restaurant.