Location: Maastricht, The Netherlands

Program: hospitality

Status: Design not realised

Assignment: Transformation and landscape design

Sqr meters: 500,0 m²

Building: heritage

This beautiful national monument used to be the house of the the operator of the water-toren which lies next to the house. The industrial water-tower is made of concrete with steel windowframes and neo-rennasaince decoration. In contrast the residential building is built in a traditional style. Now that the water-tower has lost it's function and has been transformed into a residential building as well the two object don't have any common ground anymore. With the extension to the house we aimed to bring this connection back. A new relation between the buildings is created by the usage of the details of the water-tower in the new extention like the steel frames and steel u-profiles. The extensions also opens the house toward the green environment around it. Creating an open space from which the new terrace can be entered.