Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Status: Competition 2019

Task: Concept Design

In 1980 the community centre “Pier 80” was built to both strengthen and bind the community. These different historical layers are clearly present in the urban structure. We propose to partly demolish the Pier 80 building while leaving the parts of the façade untouched and create a new structure inside. The north side of the market is defined by the old façade of Pier 80, with a new building block positioned inside. The east and west side of the market are defined by two voids, the south side by a couple of glass houses. The plinth of the new building is public with two residential blocks on top and has several functions, focusing primarily on the development of the neighborhood. The public library, the community centre and the gym are the social-economic connectors for this. Here comes knowledge, culture and sport together. The dwelling types are mixed to enhance the interaction between different social groups.